SUNSCREEN is essential no matter what your age or where you are. Whether you’re taking a day at the beach or skiing in the High Sierras you need sunscreen day in and day out. Studies have shown that just one bad sunburn can lead to skin cancer even if you don’t see the effects right away. The days of sunbathing for hours without consequence are over. Studies show that 50% of all people who reach age 65 will get some form of skin cancer. Don’t be on the wrong side of the equation. Protect yourself with Zinka!

WHAT DOES THE BEST, MOST EFFECTIVE SUNSCREEN NEED? It’s important that sunscreen blocks both UVA and UVB rays. Generally, UVB rays can cause skin cancer while UVA rays go deeper causing wrinkles and various skin damage due to overexposure of the sun without protection. A sunscreen prevents some UVA and UVB protection, but only a sunblock like Zinka offers complete protection. Zinka contains Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide which will not only block out many of the sun’s rays, but are also less irritating for sensitive skin. A sunblock with color and high amounts of zinc oxide are intended to be seen, not rubbed in. A clear sunscreen simply cannot provide total protection. It is the color that stays on the skin that ensures maximum protection by not allowing any sunlight to be absorbed by the skin.

WHAT IS ZINKA, HOW DOES IT WORK & WHAT IS IT MADE OF? 7 hot colors, cool new protection carefully formulated to keep your nose, lips, cheeks, and anywhere the sun shines, safe from harmful UV rays. Zinka started with the highest most effective and proven ingredient: zinc oxide. Zinc oxide is just one of the many natural ingredients in the Zinka formula. We’ve added all natural oils, waxes, a fresh coconut scent and natural colors and pigments, each one certified for use in Zinka by the FDA. Once the formula was complete we began our extensive testing process over and over again until we found the perfect match, making the best creamy-smooth waterproof colored sunblock and skin moisturizer on the market. Zinka Performs! Even under the most intense wind, heat and chill conditions the Zinka formula works and literally protects the best, naturally.

WATERPROOF TESTED -We took the Zinka formula to groups of pro and amateur surfers heading out for a full, hard day of surfing in the steamy summer heat. Zinka stayed on and never ran.

HEAT & SWEAT RESISTANT -From the humid, tropical Mexican desert to the sizzling 110 degree heat of Palm Springs, California, Zinka breezed through a sweltering cycling tour … a full day under the most intense heat conditions without any running,dripping or fading.

WIND & COLD RESISTANT -More tough tests and the Zinka formula performs! Off to the
slopes and 20 icy-degrees of wind and chill … after a full day of racing speed skiing Zinka stayed on, creamy and soft. It never streaked, it never dried out.

IF IT STAYS ON SO LONG, HOW DO YOU TAKE IT OFF? Since Zinka is waterproof, it
will not just wash off with water. Simply take a cloth or paper towel and wipe Zinka off your face and lips.