The Mule SUP Surfboard carrier - SUP Surfboard Transport System

Get your surfboard or SUP to the beach,river or anywhere with ease!!
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Item# : Mule-STS
Weight :  8.0Pound

* Bike not included(come on dude,be real!)

~ FREE Travel bag Included for your Mule-STS~

When was the last time you tried to carry your beach belongings and your board to the beach by yourself? Was it a hassle? Mule Transport Systems has engineered a system which makes it easy. A unique way to transport your board or boards to the beach and back. The STS MULE turns any size surfboard into a trailer. The STS MULE is a two piece unit made of lightweight,durable cordura fabric. MADE IN THE USA. The STS MULE allows you to walk or pull your board(S) behind your bicycle with all of your gear on it. It also has a pocket to hold items such as wax, extra leash, towel, magazine even a wetsuit. Upon reaching your destination simply slip the loop off your seat and walk to the surf. The STS MULE is so compact that after using it you can store it in its 12"x 24"x3" travel/storage bag. Take it with you ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE. The international traveler or novice surfer will be amazed at how easy it is to set up and break down the MULE. With quick release pins at the wheels, this is accomplished within seconds
and NO TOOLS NEEDED! No more perminant attached bicycle racks or hardware. NO MORE HASSLES!
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