Surfin' Cowboy 8.5" x 11" Print

Killer Cowboy Shredding his local break, a favorite in Hawaii Art by:Steve J. Harris
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Surfin’ Cowboy

Print By:Steve J. Harris

8.5"x11" print

Yee-haa. Ride-em cowboy.    Every surfer has a bit of ole’ cowboy in ‘em.    When the waves are right, and the ride is good, we just can’t help but sound off.    It’s the macho, rough and tough, git out-a-my way, innermost emotions that capture the moment of that perfect ride.    Steve has so adeptly captured that whoopin’ it up attitude.    Whether bull or board, rodeo or waves, when the ride is “ultimate”, nothing else really matters.
Surf art Print in Full Color 8.5" x 11"