Space Coast 2000 Art Festival - Jeannie's Bottle

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Space Coast 2000 Art Festival - Jeannie's Bottle

Print By: Steve J. Harris


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As Cocoa Beach progresses into its 75th anniversary, the locale is a lot of different things to its inhabitants.    But mostly, the reason people have come to Cocoa Beach to call it their home is because of her beaches, the ocean, and the casual lifestyle.       It’s a constant balance for Cocoa Beach:    Looking into the future through space industry technology versus preserving the sea life, her pristine beaches, and ocean waters.    The Artist has captured this tenuous balance for his submission to the t-shirt and poster design for the Space Coast 2000 Art Festival—the sea turtle making it’s way up the beach for its annual nesting ritual under the glare of the rocket taking off in the background, and dolphins happily swimming, since they have found the elusive “Jeannie’s” bottle on the ocean floor.