Singlefin Yellow on DVD

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Six Surfers, Six Stories, One Board.

“Singlefin: yellow”, tells the story of one surfboard’s life as it travels the globe shared by a group of friends.

Crafted in the tradition of a vintage 1960’s era longboard, “Singlefin: yellow” provides the means through which we explore new people, places and things... meeting six of today’s elite longboarder’s. The film spans five continents, four bodies of water and thousands of miles, introducing six surfers, their surroundings, and their views on what inspires, motivates, and empowers them in surfing and in life.

Using the 16mm film format and voice over narration by each individual, “Singlefin: yellow” will spotlight’s each surfer’s unique individual talent’s and varied interests beyond strictly their athletic ability in the water.

The film also hi-lights significant surfing communities, creating a visual time capsule of various locations, including: California, Hawaii, Australia, Mexico and Japan.

“Singlefin: yellow”, will be a story about the craft of hand shaping a surfboard and a reminder to all that no matter who you are or where you are from, happiness in life can be found in something as simple as sharing with your friend’s.

Director and Executive Producer Jason Baffa promises it to be his most unique and visually stunning project, yet.