Sebastian Inlet 11" x 17" Print

Art by: Steve J. Harris
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Sebastian Inlet Art Print 11" x 17"

By:Steve J. Harris

One of the East Coast’s most treacherous inlets, Sebastian is one of the hottest locations to a variety of sporting activities.    Just to the South of the inlet is the break known as Monster Hole.    Monster Hole, frightening many a surfer and jet-skier alike, derives its’ name from the numerous sharks that frequent the break.    To the North and running adjacent to the jetty is First Peak, then Second Peak, and further on North is Spanish House break.    World reknown surfers have made this beach a legend.    The inlet is the gateway to some of the best fishing on the coast.       Rough ocean waves at it’s entrance, and the swift outgoing Indian River currents have caught many a mariner off-guard.       Even if one does not stop to participate in what the inlet has to offer, traffic often comes to a halt on the bridge while drivers and passengers alike croon to “take it all in”.    Steve has captured in his airbrush and water color technique the many activities that allure so many to Sebastian.
Art Print FULL Color 11" x 17"