Picaresque on DVD

Surfing in a new light. A Surf Film by: Mikey DeTemple
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Producer: High Seas Films
A Surf Film by: Mikey DeTemple


Description: Picaresque surf DVD by High Seas Films and Mikey DeTemple is set to a soulful vibe. Great longboarding. Great locations. Great music.

Picaresque is a step into the new generation of surfing. Shot in Super 16mm film and High-Definition, the project took the crew around the globe, stopping in Australia, California, Florida, France, Mainland Mexico, New England, New York, and Costa Rica, presenting a range of backdrops, cultural interactions and wave faces.

Featuring Harrison Roach, Christian Wach, Tommy Witt, Scotty Stopnik, Mikey DeTemple, Chris Christenson, Matt Chojnacki, Rob Kulisek, Alek Parker, Chad Doyle, and Bucky Barry.

Music by Blorr, The Black Angels, The Dodos, Sumbears!, Matt and Kim, Copy, Band Marino, Empire of the Sun, Beirut, Passion Pit, and M83.