About Us

    Well It all started back in 1995-1996 when we had an idea of an online surf shop! Heck the internet was just getting started as far as retail was concerned, we started in a 10x10 room with a IBM computer and a dream. We chatted with a guy about websites and how we could build them, our frist site with product went online summer of 1997 using front page, we sold surf VHS tapes, posters, stickers, sunscreen, t-shirts, wax etc... Well we made enough to keep the store open and buy some beers, good enough for us. Fast forward to 2003 November 1st we opened up a retail shop in Cocoa Beach, Florida called Cocoa Beach Surf & Skate it’s like the old shops you remember when you were a kid, thats the way we like it! Baggies and Flip Flops for work no corporate BS to deal with, just making people happy selling surf products, and surfing as much as we can!

This is one of our first banners and logos!
Here are some of the first concepts of our logos

Here is our frist ad we did in ESM magazine

We will add more history of our company soon....