Many Classic Moments on DVD

Music by Kalapana 25th Anniversary Digital Remaster
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Many Classic Moments on DVD

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Many Classic Moments was release in 1978. After it's initial screenings it was never made available on home video. Bootleg copies have been sold in various countries. These unauthorized copies have been reproduced from a faded, scratched 16mm print with extremely poor sound quality. (if you own one, burn it)

In this SPECIAL EDITION for the first time ever, MANY CLASSIC MOMENTS has been digitally remastered with CD quality sound.

Many Classic Moments features state of the art in 1970's surfing. It remains today one of the most beautiful films about the sport of surfing.

The all original soundtrack is regarded by many as the best ever for a surfing film.

"Deserves the highest praise... hard to imagine getting any closer to the spirit of surfing" -- Surfing Magazine

"Embrace the core of the surfing experience" -- Surfer Magazine

"Captures the joy and camaraderie of the sport" -- Los Angeles Times

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