Kingfish ~ Spanish Mackerel

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Kingfish ~ Spanish Mackerel

Print By: Steve J. Harris


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Also referred to as “smoker king” due to the amount of line the fish can rapidly peel off the reel when it hits the bait, making the reel “smoke”, the kingfish has many similarities in performance to a wahoo, but is not quite as fast in the water.    During the migratory period of the kingfish, it is known for the skyrocketing performance that it makes as it takes to the air.    With it’s powerful torpedolike body, small head, and large mouth with extremely sharp and strong teeth, the fish will readily track down fast moving schools of spanish mackerel.       With mottled navy-blue crossbars, irridescent in color, the silvery belly, and distinctive lateral line that waves it’s way down it’s side, Steve has aptly depicted the power, speed, and beauty that this fish possesses.