Florida Spiny Lobster 8.5" x 11"

Print By: Steve J. Harris
Item# : lobster8.5
Weight :  1.0Pound

Florida Spiny Lobster

Print By: Steve J. Harris


Formally called the West Indies Spiny Lobster, the Florida spiny lobster makes it’s home among the rocks, reefs and sponges that encompass the East coast of Florida, around the Keys, and up into the Gulf coast.    The carapace of the lobster is a tan, green, and mahogany color with yellowish spots.    The legs are striped with an iridescent blue.    With rows of strong spines on its body, the largest of which protrudes above the eyestalks, we know where the lobster gains its name.    A welcome addition to any chef’s pot, the spiny lobster has been overly harvested in Florida waters.    To increase it’s numbers; bagging quantities, sizes, and seasons have now been put into place.    Steve has captured this diver’s favorite by astutely painting the spinys’ mottled mahogany and iridescent colors that make it blend so easily within it’s reef and rock surroundings.