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Mick Fanning's signature fin.
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Mick Fanning
is considered one of the true icons in surfing. His career to date is highlighted by multiple event wins and a staggering two ASP World Titles in 2007 and 2009. Often regarded as the fastest surfer on the planet, this competitive machine is highly respected for his professionalism both in and out of the water. Mick’s surfing embodies speed, control, power, contemporary flare, and style; these are the essential ingredients that have him firmly cemented at the forefront of professional surfing.


This FCS MF-1 surfboard fin set has been designed with and for Mick Fanning.
This fin set is a larger template which will be great for a larger surfer or for bigger waves.


FCS thruster and quad sets are categorized by size. Each size category has an optimum weight range that can be used as a guide when choosing a fin:


All FCS thruster, quad and quad rear fins come with fin ratings. These fin ratings provide the drive, pivot and hold characteristics of each individual fin set and are based on elements such as area, base length, sweep, depth, material and template.


FCS provides these fin ratings as a guide to individual fin performance. They can also be used as a reference when choosing a fin for specific performance requirements.


Fins are rated relative only to the fins within each size category and are not comparable across other sizes. For example, the drive rating on a medium fin can only be compared to the drive rating on other medium fins.





MF-1 Development from FCS on Vimeo.

Mick Fanning

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* All FCS molded composite fins are designed to break at the tabs when subjected to vigorous impact. This design feature aims to protect the integrity of the plug installation, and help prevent damage to the surfboard.

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