Drive Thru South Africa on DVD

6 Surfers, 14 Days, South Africa. The Classic Drive Thru Surfing Series
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Drive Thru South Africa

This will no doubt go down as the best drive thru ever. The crew started the trip in capetown and drove their way up to jbay where they watched donnie play a concert at the wct event. Along the way they raced ostrich's and got some fun surf with only one minor shark scare. The drive thru crew watched donnie play with tom curren,occy and had a lot of the surfers there to watch, they then made their way to durban where they surfed empty sand bar points for the next 5 days and even got to ride the flo rider. Where donavon and benji stole the show. They had the first anual martin potter surf contest and even drove thru the transkai. Which is now officially not the scariest place in the world. They surfed another right point where an australian surfer was eaten whole 2 years ago. Ended up at jbay for the last 2 days to get it as good as it gets with kelly. Did the worlds largest bunji jump and called it a trip. Oh yeah they also watched donnie get bit in the ass by a lion cub, almost run over a giraffe and stayed at backpackers the whole trip. Surfers: Donavon, benji, pat , noodles, and mike losness.
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