Drive Thru Japan on DVD

4 surfers, 14 days, Japan. The Classic Drive Thru Surfing Series
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Produced by: Poor Specimen
Director: Greg Browning

Synopsis: Ride along with Rob, Benji, Barney and Donavon on planes, vans and a bullet train for a two week trip of pure comedy, as they search for waves in the land of the rising sun. A few boards, a couple guitars, a little sushi and a lot of sake. These four are on the high road scoring insane waves with the locals, singing karaoke, skating with Kris Markovich, and stinking up the van as the epic surf saga of "The Drive Thru" continues...
...into the mystical land of Japan.

Starring: Donovan Frankenreiter, Benji Weatherly, Rob Machado and Shawn "Barney" Barron!

Featuring music by: Donovan and many more!
Locations: JAPAN!
Directed by: Greg Browning
Edited by: Pete "the Rook" Santa Maria
TRT: 85 min.
DVD Bonus Footage:
-Japan bonus
-music video
-director/rider commentary reel
-fuel TV special
-the land of all the waves
-scenic reel
-movie trailers
Year made: 2003
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