Drive Thru Australia on DVD

3 surfers, 14 days, Australia. The Classic Drive Thru Surfing Series
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Produced by: Poor Specimen
Director: Greg Browning

Drive Thru Australia TrailerVimeo.

Synopsis: This is the third and unquestionably the best of the Drive Thru Series, thanks to Oz serving up solid surf, an excellent soundtrack and all of the misadventures with the Aussies in the land down under. Rob, Benji, Donovan and Kalani (sort of) meet up with locals such as Dean Morrisson, Dylan Longbottom, Margo and Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter as they make their way down the East Coast from Brisbane to Sydney.

Filmed by Greg Browning and Chad Cambell (Director of 5th Symphony Document) you?ll see hollow waves, airs, big moves and according to Dean Morrison, his best barrel ever at Superbank!

Starring: Donovan Frankenreiter, Benji Weatherly, Rob Machado and Blow up Kalani!

Featuring music by: The Postal Service, AFI, Kut U Up, The Shins, Hoodoo Gurus, Radio 4 and more
Locations: Australia, mate!
Directed by: Greg Browning
Edited by: Dustin Maenpa
TRT: 70 min.
DVD Bonus Footage:
-best waves bonus
-director commentary
-scenic reel
-a super 8 reel
-an underwater reel
-and more
Year made: 2004