Drew Brophy


Drew Brophy

Step into Drew's dream world, where the sun has an attitude and drops of ocean spray are running from angry fish. Drew's creations come from a surreal dimension where dragons wrap themselves around sexy mermaids and giant waves bend into perfect tubes. Drew's art will first strike you as colorful and cartoonish, but as you look closer you'll see that it truly comes from a world all to it's own and it won't be long before you see his characters come to life, each displaying their own strong personality.

A self-taught artist, Drew started painting his lively images on surfboards at a young age when he first began to surf in his native South Carolina. With his sights set on being a professional surfer, he travelled the globe doing artwork here and there to help pay for his travels and surf adventures. Eventually, Drew woundup in California (where the majority of the surf industry is) and now lives with his wife Maria and their new son Wiggs, close to one of his favorite surf spots in the world.

Over the years, Drew's unique style of painting surfboards has gained significant recognition and he receives regular requests from individuals and surf companies to design many different products. Drew now designs everything from t-shirts, stickers, surfboards, fabrics, tatoos, cd covers, wakeboards, and skateboards to giant murals and original paintings.

Drew's art is recognized and collected locally and internationally. Through his travels to such places as Tahiti, Fiji, Peru, Japan, Spain, Hawaii, France, and all over the U.S., he has been able to leave a little bit of his art around the globe. Drew's client list includes Lost Surfboards and clothing, Surf the Earth, Liquid Force, Bad Ass, Astrodeck, Wyland Galleries, Sector 9, O'Neill, Merrill Lynch, the Vans TripleCrown, and a number of individuals and surf shops around the world.

Drew wants to blaze a path for other artists to reach their dreams. He believes there is enough work for everyone. He also offers advice to other artists on how to do business in the surf industry. Drew admires and respects all the brilliant, creative people out there who make our world so visually appealing.

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