Dolphin ~ Flying Fish

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Dolphin ~ Flying Fish

Print By: Steve J. Harris


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The dolphin (fish) has other well known names such as dorado and mahimahi.    Due to the name “dolphin” it is often confused with the mammal species of porpoise.    The dolphin is a magnificent sport fish and proves to be a tough, hard fighter when hooked.    Often traveling in schools chasing flying fish, it will hit a lure or bait as soon as it touches the water.    When hooked, the fish leaps in the air like an acrobat.    A favorite for any diner’s menu, it’s meat is white, tender, and flavorful.    A good days fishing can prove to be a bountiful feast.    In painting the dolphin, Steve has chosen to illustrate the dramatic bullish and powerful male.    With it’s rich coloration of vivid blue, gold, silver, and yellow, the artist has adeptly captured the dolphin’s magnificence and strength.