Children of the Sun on DVD

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Children of the Sun on DVD

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Beautiful New Zealand and OZ--60's Free and Easy--George Greenough

Featuring George Greenough, Bob McTavish, Russell Hughes and Wayne Parkes.

Original soundtrack by The Music Convention.

Children of the sun will stir the happiest memories in any surfers life ... never to be forgotten fun filled days. Filmed around the virgin coastline of New Zealand and the classic points of Northern Queensland Australia, this film is an amazing chronicle of a time now looked on as the golden years of surfing... the styles and beach scenes ... the cars, people and fashions... surfing during the mid to late 60's.

Surfing as it happened in New Zealand and Australia in the 60's

"The best longboard movie, bar none, from Australia." "A Visual Masterpiece" not since Endless Summer has a surf film projected such dazzeling crisp and beautifuly exicuted images of the longboard life style.