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BILLYGOAT PRODUCTIONS is the leading action sports film production company.

Founded by Bill Ballard, husband of Surfer Magazine’s 2000 Reader Poll winner Rochelle Ballard, Billygoat Productions, Inc. is an award-winning independent production company known for high-quality surf films such as Insanity, Triple C, Side B, The Moment, The O’Neill Experience, H.I.C.’s Rise & Shine, Blue Crush, These Are Better Days, Peaches, Revelation, and our newest releases Iratika and Poetic Silence.

Billygoat films capture over 25% of all surf videos sold worldwide and have been nominated for over 20 awards since 1996 and have received 5 viewer awards. Billygoat films have been co-branded with the largest and most respected companies within the surf industry and music industry to include Billabong, Billabong Girls, Quicksilver, Roxy, O’Neill, Arnette, Reef and Warner Brothers.

Billygoat Productions is also one of the largest distributors of high-quality surf, skate & snow videos & DVD’s from producers including: Volcom, Billabong, ...Lost, Rip Curl, MavSurfer Films, Shane Beschen & Lau Vizion, Gotcha, Josh Pomer, Liam McNamara, Surfing Video Magazine & every other quality company in the video industry.

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