Aqua Claw

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Your Claw Size is Extra Small if the distance around your hand following the "lifeline" of your palm is 6" to 7". Small is 7" to 8". Medium is 8" to 9". Large is 9" to 10". Extra Large is 10" to 11"

Aquaclaws� are performance gloves designed for use in most watersports. The four finger design of the paddling glove leaves the thumb free. The palms of the hands are open, as well as the tips of the fingers.

Minimizing materials used in the Aquaclaws� yields an extremely lightweight product, thus reducing fatigue experienced during the recovery phase of the stroke. This also reduces the possibility of injury to the shoulders that often occurs when using a full glove or hand paddle. Though the material used in Aquaclaws� has been minimized, the amount of propulsion provided by Aquaclaws� during the power phase of the stroke compares favorably to heavier webbed gloves currently on the market. By using thin neoprene material in Aquaclaws�, the product still offers much of the same heat retention offered by a full glove.

With the thumbs, finger tips and palms unhindered, the product becomes an asset to waterpolo players, surfers, bodyboarders, bodysurfers, divers, triathletes, boaters, paddlers, open water swimmers, and lap swimmers, as well as aquatic training, exercise, rehabilitation, and therapy. By improving the athlete's ability to "grip" the water, Aquaclaws� are a great tool for strength training and stroke technique.

Aquaclaws� make being in or under water more fun.