''SharkCamo''Slick 3M decal

Item# : SharkCamoSurfbo
*Theory of Design*
Sharkcamo is a super
Slick 3M decal, created
on the fact that sharks
don’t eat certain types
of fish. All of these fish have
one thing in common, a very
distinct striped pattern.
This striped pattern is responsible
for emitting an optic signal to the shark preventing these fish from becoming prey through mistaken identity.With this data the
concept of a shark
camo system for surf
boards was born.
Our goal at Shark camo
is to provide an
effective, affordable
shark deterrent without
sacrificing convenience
or style. Sharkcamo would
like to take all of the
the credit for the
ingenious origination
of the shark
camo system, but
we merely thank
mother nature for
the guidelines she provided.

How did the idea for Sharkcamo come about?

The study was done by a New Zealand scientist that showed that sharks had a respect for the striped pattern of the cleaner and sucker fish that travel with it. The study consisted of lowering into the water a white pole filled with chum. The sharks instantly bumped, and then bit, the pole held by the scientist. Next he lowered a white pole, with black stripes around it, filled with chum. The same shark came near the pole, but never bumped it let alone tried to bite it. Sharkcamo was designed by surfers who wanted to use this research to help the delicate relationship between surfers and sharks.

Why does Sharkcamo work?

Nature designed certain fish with a distinct striped pattern. Poisonous fish, cleaner fish, remoras are just a few of the fish that sharks do not choose as prey. They all have this very distinctive stripe.

How does Sharkcamo work?

By sending an optic signal. The pattern alerts the shark that your surfboard is an inedible "fish" and therefore reduces mistaken identity.

How do I use Sharkcamo?

Sharkcamo is a high quality decal made by 3M that adheres to virtually any surface. They come in two sizes. One that can be trimmed to fit any size bodyboard and one that can be trimmed to fit any size surfboard. You simply lay the decal on your board, trim to fit the area you want to cover, peel off the backing and apply.

Will Sharkcamo change the performance of my board?

The only change that the decal can cause is to add durability and a super slick surface.