Billygoat's latest release - Billygoat has taken a much more youthful approach in their style of editing and music selection. This is by far the freshest movie out in years, with most of the sections/trips appearing in the last couple issues of the surf magazines. Bruce and Andy definitely steal the show but there are a bunch of new faces in IRATIKA. Koby Abberton and Mick Fanning of Australia both have sick surfing segments. In addition, we are the first to show the new hell wave, “VD Land” with a crew of mental cases charging huge tubes. Tahiti and the Box are also big stars in this new movie. Rounding off the extreme talent pool of IRATIKA, Gavin Beschen shows why he is one of the best free surfers on the planet. At just under 40 minutes, the length is perfect and will leave you wanting more...