''Campaign 2'' on DVD

Item# : Campaign 2

Campaign 2, the highly anticipated sequel to

the best selling movie Campaign showcases

Andy and Bruce Irons tearing apart a new right

in Bali, Shane Dorian exploring Morocco, Dane

Reynolds going off in the Mentawis, Taj boosting

in Mexico, and Kelly Slater's "best day ever"

deep in Caribbean pits.

Campaign 2 is Taylor Steele's latest release

since 2003 and has teamed up with Editor Matt

Beauchesne (Momentum: Under the Influence

and Drive Thru South Central and Europe)

"Campaign 2 features the best surfing I have ever

seen in my life", says Director Taylor Steele.

"We took our time making it and we only wanted

to showcase the best".

Campaign 2 DVD Includes:

Total running time is 51 minutes
Five Soundtracks to choose from to watch the surfing only version
Option to watch the movie without skits and a 3 minute AMP version
Campaign 2 Second DVD includes:

1 hour of additional surfing footage
Trick Tips with Kelly, Bruce, Dane, Jamie O, and Lossness
Directors Commentary
Skit Blooper Outtakes