''Better Days''on DVD~Includes the entire movie 'Triple-C' as a bonus~Also FREE KILLER SOUNDTRACK C

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"Better Days" on DVD

~Includes the entire movie "Triple-C" as a bonus!!


In a day when a bottle of water costs more than gas and school kids fear for their lives, it's nice to know a surfer can jump out into the big blue ocean and slip away from it all. Today, the same technology used by those who want to end the world, surfers are using to explore it. Come with us on a narrated surfing journey and see just how the top pro's and freesurfers express themselves on the playground called earth. Included epic footage from the 1999 Gotcha Tahiti Pro. Starring: Kalani Robb, Bruce Irons, Cory Lopez, Shane Dorian, Shane Beschen, Andy Irons, Chris Ward, Sunny Garcia, Ross Williams, Gavin Beschen, Rob Machado, Adam Repogle, Luke Egan, Shea Lopez, Todd Morcom and Kelly Slater Shot on location: South Africa, Portugal, Tahiti, France, California, Australia, Indonesia and Hawaii . Soundtrack: Shootyz Groov, Static-X, Citizen King, Dial-7, Soul Coughing Thor-El, Built to Spill, Sensefield, Cibo Matto and a few more.