'Adrift' on DVD

Item# : adrift

Produced by: JBrother
"the best longboarding...
the best surfmovie soundtrack
...prepare for therapy"
- longboard magazine

far ahead of it's time and stylistically influential in the movement back to surfing-as-art-film in the traditon of albe falzon's - morning of the earth - and george greenough's - innermost limits of pure fun - a drift?offers a rare and early glimpse into the surfing, lifestyle and what would become the beginnings of the modern day longboard renaissance. witness bonga perkins, dino miranda and a young joel tudor (17-20 years old) along the way to their world championships, as well as a host of the top longboarders of the day: donald takayama, kevin connelly, nat young, rell sunn, buffalo and rusty keaulana, joey valentin and lance ho'okano surf into sun-drenched time lapses and beautiful panoramas all stage-setting scene-stealers as exceptional camera work, editing and production value capture the beauty and innocence of "the best longboard surfing... and the best surf film soundtrack" of the modern era. forging a unique and soulfully influential style that had not been seen in a long time, and has not been matched since, adrift?shatters the surf movie mold in true jbrother style.

Starring: joel tudor, donald takayama, rell sunn and buffalo, rusty k, dino miranda, lance hookano, joey valentin, bonga perkins and kevin conelley
Featuring music by: beastie boys, nina simone, and some hawaiian music.
Directed by: JBrother
Edited by: JBrother
TRT: 115 min
DVD bonus: 90 min. worth of bonus material
- dvd commentary: jbrother/joel tudor
- interviews: donald takayama cr stecyk III dino miranda noah shimabukuro
- LONGER trailer and previews
Year made: 1993-1995

"... It was J Brother's 1995 ultra-short longboard flick, "Arift," that quietly influenced the face of surf cinema, perhaps more than any other single title of the 1990s."-- Surfer's Journal